Regular Classes for Adults and Children

Our regular Taekwon-Do classes are suitable for adults and children. They are well- structured to provide a wide and balanced range of activities and techniques to assist each student to bring out their inner warrior! Regardless of age, you will learn at your own pace, fitness and skill level in a safe, non-threatening environment.

We stretch and tone the body to increase flexibility, and warm up gradually to a good cardio workout. Classes combine basic and dynamic footwork, blocks and strikes, a broad repertoire of kicks, jumping moves for the more agile, patterns, self-defense strategies, sparring, fitness and mental discipline while encouraging an atmosphere of friendship and support and a less macho approach to the martial arts.

The concentration and coordination involved help children and adults alike to bring clearer focus to work and play. Close adherence to ITF technical guidelines ensures effective, state of the art techniques which meet World competition standards. Students work together to improve skills and there is always someone willing to help you out.

Little Warriors

Our Little Warriors Taekwon-Do classes are designed for 5 to 10 yr olds where your children can learn in a safe and encouraging environment. The classes are carefully balanced to combine fun and games, basic skills, fitness activities and a few challenges. Children build focus, coordination, balance, safety awareness and confidence in a setting that promotes mutual respect and self-control.

Grandmaster Linda Low has many years of teaching Self-Defence and Life Skills, and has designed programmes for children which give them the skills they need to cope in today s changing world. These include coping with bullying, respecting others, stranger awareness and building self-esteem and personal confidence. New friendships, team spirit and a sprinkling of dynamic jumping kicks add to the high-energy enjoyment of the classes.

Why not come and visit us at one of our training venues to see how Inspirit Taekwon-Do can improve and enrich your life for more information call us on: (+61) 08 9299 7061 or 0437316590.

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