Chi-Kung Body Chi

Combining her skills as a martial arts master, naturopath, anthropologist and counsellor, Grandmaster Linda Low teaches a unique form of holistic health, Body Chi. Body Chi is a gentle movement class which integrates Chikung, Taekwon-Do, yoga postures, and energy awareness techniques gleaned from ancient and modern cultures and Ayurvedic and Chinese systems of natural healing. Meditations are added to the movements to increase vitality, achieve a stronger, healthier body and mind, boost the immune system and stimulate internal energy pathways.

Classes are easy to follow and suitable for all fitness levels, including older people, the less agile, the infirm, as well as the young and supple.

Phone for venue, bookings and session times (+61) 08 9299 7061

Why not come and visit us at one of our training venues to see how Inspirit Taekwon-Do can improve and enrich your life for more information call us on: (+61) 08 9299 7061 or 0437316590.

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