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Feb 2019 – we are starting the year off with all classes running the first week of Feb. Some intrepid people have already been training for the past 3 weeks, despite the heat. We have events planned already – including paintballing, a quiz night and auction. Thank you to all members and families. Your support and dedication make our club the strong and united family that it is. Thank you for training so well, for the extra work you put in both in training and in fundraising , concerts, parties and events. We appreciate each and every one of you.

Inspirit Invitational Championship is Sunday, May 5th, 2019.

ITF Umpire Course 28-29th April, 2019

2018 Nationals and World Senior Selections were held in Melbourne in November. Inspirit took a small team this year but each person came away with several gold medals. Justin Low won Senior 5th Dan patterns, Isabelle Turner won in junior sparring, Andrew Gwatkin won the power breaking, Jade Lynch won junior girls pattern, Jai Migliore won Senior 2nd Dan patterns and all won in team patterns. Selected for Senior World Championships – Plovdiv, Bulgaria in August 2019 – are Justin Low, Andrew Gwatkin and Jai Migliore. Well done to them all.

2018 ITF Junior and Veterans World Championships were held in Minsk, Belarus in August. Our competitors were Jon Burgess for Veterans – who won a gold medal for patterns in a brilliant show of Juche – and our three junior girls: Astina Hammond who fought magnificently through fierce rounds of sparring and almost equalled DPRKorea in pattern performance – Jade Lynch who got through her first rounds of pattern superbly before meeting Russia and Brianna Burgess who performed beautifully against stronger Eastern European girls.

Justin Low was one of our three Australian coaches taking all 14 of the Australian competitors skillfully and successfully to the pinnacle of TKD achievements.


2017 Sept 15-21st Nicola Murdoch-Cooke was our Inspirit competitor for the 20th ITF World Championships in Pyongyang, DPRKorea. Although many teams, including the majority of the Australian team, withdrew due to political tensions, our intrepid Nicola was determined to compete and landed a fourth place. The tiny Aussie team of 3 had an amazing time and were extremely well looked after.

At the ITF Congress in Pyongyang, it was announced that our  Chief Instructor, Dr Linda Low, has been awarded the highest honour of ITF Grandmaster – the first female ITF GM in the world. An amazing achievement for our little place in the world and many years of hard work and dedication.

On the final agenda for the year is the AAITF Nationals inSydney 2-3 December – we have a team of 12 going, including senior and junior pattern teams and 3 members seeking Selections for 2018 World Junior and Veteran Championships in Belarus.

Next grading is Sat Dec 9th followed by our wind-up on Sat 16th.

Inspirit Invitationals – May 7th – well done to all our amazing Inspirit competitors and to  WAITFinc clubs, parents and supporters.

Low TKD Invitationals June 11th, Midwest State Invitationals July 23rd. ITF Umpire Course 1-2 July by SM Linda Low.

Fundraiser event: Frequency in Motion Concert – Jun17 – a fantastic night of music, song and fine dining at Nelson Rd thanks to Justin, Nicola, Jesse and Nick.

Fundraiser movie night – Pirates of the Caribbean – 26 May

Fundraiser First Aid Course given by Suzie and Gary – 20 May – thank you! We learned heaps, everyone got certificates and fell around laughing at each other!

2016. April 22nd-25th SM Linda conducting ITF Umpire Course, Oceania, in Wagga during the NSW Championships, and April 29th-May 2nd ITF Umpire Course, Oceania, Perth.

Sat May 7th – fundraiser quiz night at Glen Forrest Hall. Run by Chris and his amazing quizmaster friend – funds for our vets to go to World Chships. Tickets $15

Sat June 11th – Justin, Jesse and Nicola Concert of exceptional music and sumptuous curries. Tickets  $20. Bring the whole family, friends, neighbours…

Sun Jun 12th 2016 SM Linda leaves for Pyongyang for EB meeting and commemoration of 50th Anniversary of ITF. She was awarded the prestigious ITF Order for services to the ITF

Sun. Jun 26th WAITFinc Invitational Tournament hosted by Inspirit at Helena Senior College gym. Congratulations everyone. Our patterns teams – junior and senior – won gold and Dave and Jon proved that their training is getting the results they need. A thousand thanks to our amazing parents and the whole Inspirit family for helping to run this event – feedback was very positive – loved the gravy beef rolls – and we were so well organised we finished early! Thanks to the mums in the canteen, to all umpires and competitors, and to Jess who had to collate the results by hand!

Sat July 2nd – grading, Darlington gym

Sun July 3rd – another sausage sizzle at Bunnings, Midland – our final fundraiser for Dave, Jon and Justin. Roster is in the gym, please put your name down if you can help.

Next on the agenda for 2016 is the ITF World Jun & Veteran Championships in Andria, Italy, Sept 5-11. All prepared and Dave and Jon are well on track with training. Both are now in the team events as well as individual.

Dave and Jon both won bronze medals at the World Veteran Championships in Andria, Italy – one in pattern and one in sparring – Awesome.

Our December wind-up for Inspirit – spent climbing rock walls in Malaga – fun and fitness for all of our families and a definite repeat.

2015 July 2nd ITF Women’s Conference, Delhi. Subject was “the teaching of self-defence for women and girls”. SM Linda ran this as a seminar which encouraged input on women’s rights and empowerment. The result is a booklet to assist in self-defence teaching.

Sept 2015 – ITF World Championships in Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Nov 2015 – Darlington Festival Inspirit TKD Demonstration

Dec 2015 AAITF Nationals in Brisbane. Dave and Jon successfully selected for the Australian team for Veteran Worlds 2016 in Italy. Justin is again one of the Australia team coaches.

March 2014 SM Linda hosted the 1st ITF Women’s Conference in Phuket, Thailand. It was a great success and to keep the momentum happening a 2nd Conference is planned for July 2015 in Delhi, India.

May 4th 2014 Inspirit Invitational Tournament at SVACS, Aveley. Thanks for everyone’s help, particularly parents who ran canteen, set-up and door. Competitors, you were AWESOME!!! Kids, we are so proud of you.

2014 ITF World Veteran Championships in Dushanbe, Tajikistan, August. Justin head coach and SM Linda, Jury President. The Oz team this year was the smallest in many years and came only from WA! SM Linda was awarded ITF Outstanding Instructor Medal.

May 2013 Inspirit competitors competed in World Martial Art Games, this year held in Melbourne.  Justin won gold for patterns and the WA team won bronze for sparring.

Jun 16th 2013 Inspirit hosted AAITF State Championships at Swan Valley Anglican Community School, Aveley. Inspirit had excellent results as usual and everyone a great time meeting old friends and making new ones.

July 2013 ITF World Championships, Sofia, Bulgaria. The Aussie team made a surprise last minute entry into power breaking and awed themselves (and the rest of the world) by winning bronze. Couldn’t stop laughing.

Sat 7th Dec. Visit to the Gravity Centre at Gingin. Prof David Blair(Julian’s dad) is co-founder of the Centre and gave an excellent tour and explanation of the exibits. We dropped balloon bombs and had our end of year trophy presentation. Student of the year Senior was Dave Freeman-Smith, and Junior was Tyson Lumbaca.

1st/2nd December 2012 Inspirit TKD hosted AAITF National Championships and Selections for the ITF World Senior Championships in Sofia, Bulgaria in July 2013.The Championship was held at La Salle College, Midland, and attended by 120 competitors.

Sunday 26th June 2011 AAITF WA State Championships, Morley Recreation Centre, hosted by Inspirit TKD. We had 92 competitors from clubs around WA.

6th-12 Sept 2011 ITF 17th World Senior Championships, Pyongyang, DPR Korea. The Australian team of 5 girls and 9 guys proved themselves to be up there with the best in the world. Justin Low from Inspirit won a bronze medal for 4th Dan patterns; Phillip Le from Victoria won silver for under 64kg sparring, Amy Phillips from Tasmania won bronze for female under 57kg sparring; and the female self-defence team won bronze. We were treated extremely well, people were very friendly. we visited General Choi’s grave, took photos in front of the TKD Palace, made new friends and renewed old ties.

Senior Master Linda Low was made a Member of the ITF Executive Board, and affirmed her commitment as Chairwoman of the ITF Women’s Committee. The Committee has established a facebook page to strengthen the ITF women’s network, and supports the United Nations Global Campaign “UNiTE to end violence against women”.

Sunday 30th October, 2011 La Salle Senior College Gym, Special Techniques Workshop hosted by Inspirit, conducted by Mr Vitaly Kachnov, honoured Special Technique Coach for the gold medal-winning Russian ITF team.

3rd-4th December 2011, AAITF National Championships and Selections for 10th ITF Junior and Veteran Championships to be held in Tallinn, Estonia. Venue: St Albans Senior College, St Albans, Melbourne.

Inspirit competitors for the Worlds are Dave Freeman-Smith and Nicola Eade. Justin Low is one of 3 Australian coaches. Senior Master Linda is again Jury president at the event – August 2012 ITF 10th World Junior and Veteran Championships, Tallinn, Estonia











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